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Greetings fellow Kiwanians and members of the community,


This is a challenging time for many of us, which is why Fontana Kiwanis is dedicated to working harder than ever to help out in the community. While we have transitioned to virtual meetings, we are still providing real assistance. So far this year we have provided scholarships to graduating high school students, donations to food distribution programs, and continue to support vital activities in our community. 


As president, my goal for 2020-21 is to find new ways to remain active in the community. If you have a heart for giving, and want to make lives better, please consider visiting our club via Zoom, Tuesdays at noon. Please email me if you would like to join us.


Our theme for the year is "Make it Happen." We will continue to be there for those in need, giving of our time and effort as well as continuing to raise funds for those in need. 


We'd like to thank the community for its ongoing support of Fontana Kiwanis, and look forward to a great year.


Jason Zara


Fontana Kiwanis President, 2020-21